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The One-eyed Ghoul, 11x17 Inches, Art Print, Anime Poster

The One-eyed Ghoul, 11x17 Inches, Art Print, Anime Poster

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This 11x17 inch art print features The One-eyed Ghoul from the popular anime series. The One-eyed Ghoul is depicted wearing his signature mask with his right hand up and ready to crack his knuckles. The print captures the intensity of his character as the one-eyed ghoul. This is a perfect addition to any fan's collection. Delve into the shadowy world of a tormented hero with this intense art print, capturing an up-close view of a masked figure from a dark and thrilling saga. His hand partially obscures his face, drawing attention to the eye that glows ominously beneath the intricate mask. The detailed texture of the mask and the subtle hints of his suppressed emotion create a powerful and haunting image. This artwork explores themes of identity, struggle, and the thin line between human and monster. Available in sizes 11x17 inches for a striking visual statement or 4x6 inches for a more personal, introspective addition to any collection. Each print is produced on high-quality paper, ensuring that the intricate details and chilling ambiance are vividly captured.

Note: The frame is not included with this art print, allowing you to customize it with a frame that matches your decor and style.

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